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Snapshot Of IES

International Education Services (IES), a Japanese corporation founded in 1969, with offices in central Tokyo and Osaka, has more than forty years' experience training hundreds of thousands of Japanese employees in corporations, ministries and agencies of the Japanese government, staff and students at universities, and in co-operation with city boards of education at public high, junior high and elementary schools throughout Japan.

IES Tokyo OfficeIES currently employs over 200 instructors representing 20 nationalities. While English is the predominant language, IES also teaches Chinese and numerous other languages for Japanese nationals being deployed overseas. The IES senior management team consists of Japanese, American and British nationals who have been working closely together for many years, as well as 40 bilingual Japanese administrative staff.

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IES Core Competencies

Global Business Training Chart

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Company-Wide Training Capability

Japanese corporations have realized that providing a well-planned, consistent and practical management and communications training program for employees, that meets organizational, functional and strategic management needs, requires a variety of different and often very specialized training options.

IES training programs are currently being used to train top-management and directors, senior and middle management, young leaders, regular employees and new recruits. IES can provide management and communication training solutions, both domestically and overseas, to best meet your corporate global requirements.

Our learning materials have been developed in-house to include the most recent and most important concepts in various business processes underlying a particular field of global business. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of our learning materials are linguistically easy to understand for our Japanese students.

Company Wide Training Capability ImageDepending on program scheduling, and instructor availability, IES can conduct training either at our facilities in Tokyo or Osaka or at clients' headquarters, offices, research institutes, factories, training centers and other corporate facilities throughout Japan.

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Scheduling And Program Planning

Scheduling for training programs is mutually agreed upon with our clients based on the availability of students and instructors. A variety of scheduling options are offered including 'regular', 'resident', 'intensive' (7/8 hours/day), 'flex time' and 'combination' approaches. The type of scheduling chosen is usually determined by the objectives, urgency, and type of training.

All IES training programs are designed and implemented based on requirements specified by each of our clients. After detailed discussions with IES sales consultants to pinpoint precise training objectives and details, clients receive a comprehensive training plan for their review.

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Program Coordination And Quality Control

The IES 'Co-ordination Center' provides logistical and administrative support to clients and students before, during and after each training program. The Co-ordination Center is responsible for student and instructor interfacing, fluency testing, general administration, program scheduling control, attendance reports, conducting initial and final satisfaction surveys, learning materials delivery, compiling student evaluations, and many other types of administrative support.

Pre-Program Orientations

Before the start of each training program, instructors receive a detailed 'Pre-Program Orientation' during which the objectives, logistics, students, learning materials and training plan are thoroughly reviewed.

Instructor Performance Appraisal

Two satisfaction surveys are automatically conducted with students for any training program. Students are also encouraged to contact the IES Co-ordination Center at any time with their suggestions and this feedback, coupled with regular class observations from senior instructors, ensures that our instructors are constantly kept informed of the quality of their teaching.

Problem Solving

More than 40 years of experience have provided IES management, sales consultants, and coordination staff with the necessary know-how to take decisive action should any unexpected problem arise during the implementation of our training programs.

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Advantages Of IES Learning Materials

1. Developed specifically for Japanese business professionals.
2. Written by experienced authors with industry experience.
3. Include dialogues that combine realism and specificity.
4. Review the most recent concepts in each business field.
5. Incorporate practical communication learning activities.
6. Contain comprehension questions to reinforce key ideas.
7. Explain key job-related vocabulary and phrases.
8. Include job-related discussion topics.
9. Include job-related role-plays.

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Instructor Professionalism And Support

All IES instructors have a B.A., B.S. or Master's degree. Some of our instructors have MBAs and Doctorates. Instructors are evaluated and chosen on the strength of their academic background, professional experience and personality. To further complement the more specialized communications programs offered, IES deliberately employs individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and professional experience. IES trains its instructors to respect:

1 Punctuality 6 Definite Lesson Plans
2 Politeness 7 Empathy For Students
3 Business Attire 8 Interactive Teaching Activities
4 Professional Demeanor 9 Thorough Error Correction
5 Specific Lesson Goals 10 Equal Speaking Opportunities

The IES Instructor & Curriculum Development Department ensures that instructors are thoroughly familiarized with each training program's objectives, details, students, and training approach.

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Training Programs & Fluency Ranges

We are always interested in your comments, suggestions and enquiries, either in Japanese or English, about our training programs and websites. Should you wish to contact us, please follow the links below at the end of each section of our homepages.

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